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Acro to Exhibit at Southern Manufacturing Show

Acro Engineering is to exhibit at UK manufacturing show to highlight its extensive CNC production capability

Norfolk based Acro Engineering has announced that it will be exhibiting at the Southern manufacturing Show, an engineering exhibition taking place 12th-13th February at Farnborough. Billed as the UK's largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition, the show is expected to attract engineers and buyers from across the UK and Europe.

Fred Pain, Manager at Acro Engineering

Acro Engineering has been manufacturing turned parts for almost 35 years, with customers in a diverse range of industries. Able to manufacture high volume precision components as well as low volume pre-production samples, Acro Engineering is ISO9001 certified and produces parts for industries such as the automotive sector, the energy sector, defence and medical.

"In recent years we have been upgrading our machining capability," said Fred Pain, Managing Director at Acro Engineering. "At this exhibition we will be explaining our ability to machine straight from SolidWorks drawings, our 24 hour unmanned production capability and our ability to work with exotic materials such as titanium and monel. We are seeing more and more work returning to our shores, and with our unmanned machining capability, we are now looking to win a bigger share of this business."

Building on its strong reputation for manufacturing precision turned parts, Acro Engineering has more recently gained recognition for 3D machining, with expert knowledge in SolidWorks and investment in 3D milling technology. Furthermore, the team at Acro has attracted work in a broad range of material, from nylon to specially toughened alloys.

"Over the years, we have developed a lot of the knowledge and techniques required to machine parts in specialist materials," said Fred Pain. "This is what enables us to deliver accurate and reliable parts with a high quality finish. We are very proud of the components that leave our factory."

Acro Engineering can be found on stand 49


About Acro Engineering
Acro Engineering is a specialist in CNC machining, capable of small and large parts, whether low or high volumes are required. Acro Engineering is an effective and reliable supplier of components to some of the UK largest manufacturers. Accuracy, a quality finish and a reliable and co-operative approach have enabled Acro Engineering to grow its business year on year for over 33 years. Equipped with modern auto’s, multi-spindles and machining centres, Acro Engineering is a proven and trusted partner to a broad range of manufacturers.

Contact: Fred Pain, Manager
Tel: 01692 58344


Acro Bolsters Precision Engineering Capability with Vertical Machining Technology 16/06/07

For over 30 years Acro Precision Technology has made a name for itself as a leader in the field of precision turned parts. With its 24 hour unmanned machines, in recent years Acro has turned parts for the motor industry, the railway industry, the building sector and even the medical and technology sectors and has enjoyed considerable success whilst being focused purely on turned parts production. However, this year may prove to be a major turning point in Acro's history with the decision to diversify into broader machining services.

precision engineering   "It's an exciting time for us," said Fred, "We are really benefiting from the reputation for quality and delivery that we have developed over the past 30 years. The new 4-axis machining technology will help us offer our customers a broader service and also allow us to take on projects that we may have previously declined."

"We are finding that more and more of the work that we have been taking on needs various processes that are best done on a milling machine," said Fred Pain, Managing Director of Acro. "We had been subcontracting this out but we've decided we would much rather keep the process in house so that we can more easily control quality and delivery for our clients."

Acro's decision has resulted in the purchase of a high value Mazak 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre that is already being put to work machining complex stainless steel parts for pneumatic control systems. Acro's expertise in CNC programming and high speed machining has proved to be easily transferable from their advanced turning technology, allowing them to quickly put the new Mazak machining centre into action. The new machine also includes Renishaw probe technology that provides automated inspection, checking that each machined part is within specification.

"It's an exciting time for us," said Fred, "We are really benefiting from the reputation for quality and delivery that we have developed over the past 30 years. The new 4-axis machining technology will help us offer our customers a broader service and also allow us to take on projects that we may have previously declined."

As with many in the UK engineering sector, Acro has reported a very good performance over the last 18 months, with customer orders remaining strong and several new customers coming on stream.

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From Oil to Hi-Tech - Acro Precision Engineering Stays On Top

When Acro Precision Technology first started machining precision parts, it was predominantly for the North Sea oil boom of the early 80's. Acro machined heavy gauge turned parts for pipelines and valves and developed a reputation for accuracy and reliable delivery of parts, both of which were essential to the high-pressure commercial environment of oil. Today, Acro's main customers are in the technology sector. The parts they machine may be much smaller and the volumes may be massively bigger, but accuracy and reliability of delivery remain a critical factor.

"When I look back, it's been quite a journey," said Fred Pain, Managing Director of Acro. "The machinery is so much more sophisticated today and we have some machines that can run unmanned for 24 hours. Also, these new machines are capable of automatically machining very complex parts without any user intervention. I guess the talent these days is in understanding modern materials such as titanium and stainless steel and being able to program the machines accurately."

Acro are currently machining brass parts for safety critical electrical connectors, stainless steel parts for sensors that are used in control systems and automation and complex valve assemblies that are used in pneumatic control systems. Acro are even machining parts from plastics and nylon for use in access equipment. Some of their more recent projects had previously been manufactured in China and the Far East.

"UK engineering went through a bit of a dip, but it's clear that manufacturers have tried the 'outsourcing' idea and now realise it's not always a good thing." said Fred. "Our success over the past 30 years has been down to our quality and reliability of delivery; very often these can be as commercially important to a manufacturer as the component cost, so this is how we choose to compete for business."

Acro also attribute their success to a willingness to invest and train on the latest CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines - recently investing in a four axis vertical machining centre capable of automatically machining complex parts. This new machine is also able automatically to inspect the finished part for accuracy of manufacture.

"When we buy a new machine like this, it's a big investment of time, energy and money," said Fred. "We have to employ a specialist company to move it to where we want in the factory as it weighs many tons, we then have a specialist company to wire it in and finally we have to have our engineers trained on programming and using the machine. However, once a high quality machine such as this is running, it's very impressive and is key to us meeting future customer expectations with regards to quality and reliable delivery."



cnc machined part


" ... once a high quality machine such as this is running, it's very impressive and is key to us meeting future customer expectations with regards to quality and reliable delivery."

Although Acro's focus is now on the higher volume technology sector, they still undertake occasional work for the oil sector. Last year saw their first overseas contract with a Norwegian company placing a large order for parts for the North Sea oil industry.

"We still maintain the skills and equipment for one off's and low volume production," said Fred. "Our customers will often need initial samples or prototypes and these are much more easily produced on conventional lathes and milling machines. Our lower volume non-technology customers include companies that provide architectural metalwork, suppliers to the construction trade, medical and automotive and although we very much value our current success with the hi-tech companies, it's also good for us to have some broader engineering experience."

About Acro Precision Technology

With over 30 years' experience in the machining of precision engineering components, Acro represents one of Europe's leading suppliers to the engineering and technology sector. Acro offers specialist low volume prototype development as well as high volume manufacturing and is equipped with a broad range of modern CNC [Computer Numerically Controlled] machinery: -

· CNC lathes with live tooling and 24 hour unmanned production
· Swiss type sliding head automatics
· CNC milling
· Conventional turning/milling/finishing

Customer projects have included components for sports cars suspensions, bomb disposal robots, hospital beds, forecourt petrol pumps, the London Underground, equipment for off-shore oil exploration and production and components for the construction industry.


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Right said Fred - Norfolk Engineering On The Way Up

Since the oil boom of the 70's, engineering has played an important role in the Norfolk economy. During the 80's, UK precision engineering took a severe dip and recent years have seen manufacturing jobs being lost to the cheaper economies of the Far East and Eastern Europe. However, today, this work is coming home once again and Norfolk engineering companies are feeling the benefit.

cnc machined part

"We have just quoted on a job for 150,000 parts that have previously been made in China," said Fred Pain, Manager of Acro Engineering, based at Catfield. "Manufacturers are starting to realise how difficult it can be to guarantee consistent quality and delivery from suppliers that are so far away. Also, there are long lead times, letters of credit to arrange, customs issues and regular long haul flights. The "on-shoring" of parts is a trend we are seeing and it is definitely picking up pace."

Acro manufacture high volume turned and machined parts and have been in business for over 30 years. Running highly automated 24 hour unmanned CNC machines, Acro are able to compete on the world market and provide parts for the technology sector, architectural supplies, medical and a broad range of other industry sectors.

"We have a policy of investing in the very best equipment available and the best engineers," said Fred. "This gives us the best quality machining and the best productivity, this is how we are competing for the work that is returning to the UK. We are also picking up new projects from the growing UK technology sector and this is equally exciting."

Acro landed their first export contract last year, with the shipment of precision parts for the Norwegian oil industry. Their more recent orders have been for high quality stainless steel components for the architectural sector and CNC machined parts for airport security swipe card equipment.

Another Norfolk precision engineering company that is enjoying similar growth is Ladbrook Engineering of North Walsham. Ladbrook specialise in pressing metal parts for a range of industries and is currently enjoying considerable success. They have recently announced a major new contract with Parker Hannifin, a global manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems.

turned brass parts

"It definitely feels that Norfolk precision engineering is making a comeback," said Mike Blowers, Managing Director of Ladbrook. "This past year or two has been so encouraging, we now have ambitious plans to grow the company and make substantial investments in new equipment. I think the business sector lost sight of how good a service UK engineering can provide and now they have tried the competition, they are once again happy to place the work here in the UK."

Over in Diss, electronics manufacturer, Barric, have a similar story to tell. Barric are also seeing an increase in new enquiries, exciting new opportunities and the opportunity for growth. Barric have been manufacturing electronics for over 20 years and have been an important employer in the Diss region.

"The level of new enquiries and new projects coming on stream is very encouraging," said Patrick Kibble, Financial Director of Barric. "We've worked hard in recent years to improve our technology, our expertise and our systems. We've also worked on our branding and our overall message to the technology sector. This is all paying off and we are now looking to expand and take on further staff."

With recently improved local infrastructure, Norfolk precision engineering companies look set to gain a bigger share of the growing UK engineering business, bringing more jobs, training and wealth to the region. It is also possible that with access to Europe becoming ever more easy, it may be that Norfolk could find itself leading a return to the days of the exporting of British engineering.

About Acro Precision Technology
Established over 30 years ago for the machining of precision engineering components, Acro represents one of Europe's leading suppliers of turned parts to the engineering and technology sector. Acro offers specialist low volume prototype development as well as high volume manufacturing and is equipped with a broad range of modern machines. Customer projects have included components for sports cars suspensions, bomb disposal robots, hospital beds, forecourt petrol pumps, the London Underground, equipment for off-shore oil exploration and production and components for the construction industry. Contact Fred Pain, General Manager

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Acro Precision Engineering set to attract European clients 16/5/05

Specialist precision engineering company, Acro Precision Technology have set their sights on attracting new clients from across Europe.

Over the past year Acro have invested heavily in a range of hi-tech production machinery that will now enable them to compete on the world market. With 24 hours unmanned machines, highly skilled production engineers and over 18 years of proven high quality work, Acro feels confident that European manufacturers will no longer need to look to the Far East to get components manufactured in high volume.

cnc turning
'We like to think that UK engineering is fighting back. We know that we can produce the best quality. It has just been a case of getting the latest machinery and the best expertise on board, so that we can provide the volumes and the pricing to compete on the world market.' stated Fred Pain, Manager of Acro.

'The new 24 hour unmanned machines means that not only can we leave them running overnight but also all weekend. This provides us with a massive boost to productivity, it has been an exciting step forward for us'.

Acro provide CNC machining facilities for a range of industries, including medical devices, transport, automotive, mil/areo and the energy sector. Located near Norwich, they have excellent transport links to mainland Europe and see this as their direction for future expansion.

We are feeling very ambitious. We know we are good at what we do and we feel sure that there will be companies here in the UK and in mainland Europe who will value our expertise and new facilities.' added Fred.

Acro wins back deal for truck parts

Precision engineering company Acro are celebrating a new contract for the machining of specific components for truck body manufacturers. What makes the deal so sweet for Acro, is that they had lost this contract to a lower cost operation in the Far East earlier in the year, after many years of developing and supplying these components. Due to a range of quality issues, their UK customer has reverted back to Acro for the future development and production of these parts.

'We are delighted. In fact, the new contract is four times the size of previous contracts, so we are feeling very pleased with ourselves,' said Fred Pain, Manager of Acro.

' We always pride ourselves on the quality and the service we provide and the fact that we use the latest high tech machines, so its been good to see that these values still prevail, even in the global market place.'

Acro Precision Technology are leaders in the development and production of precision engineered components. Using a range of high value CNC Multi Axis machines, Acro can provide both low volume prototype development as well as 24 hour un-manned production for high volume projects.

With over 25 years' experience supplying customers in such industries as the medicals sector, automotive, transport, defence and construction, Acro has a broad range of engineering capabilities.

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Precision engineering company Acro chooses Energi Technical Marketing

East Anglia based precision engineering company, ACRO, have chosen Energi Technical Marketing to help them step up a gear in their plans for growing their company.

Acro have been manufacturing precision engineering parts for over 18 years and have supplied major clients such as Shell and Amoco during this time. More recently the team at Acro have been machining parts for the automotive industry, the medical sector, the mil/aero sector and the transport sector. These projects range from parts for bomb disposal robots to mechanisms for hospitals beds.

'There is no doubt that Acro has a very distinguished history in manufacturing precision components. Over the past year they have invested heavily in modern technology to help develop the high volume production side of their business.

'With 24 hour unmanned machines, they are now well positioned to provide European manufacturers with one of the best sub-contract services available at this time. Indeed, Acro want European industry to know that they now offer an alternative to sourcing high volume manufacturing from the Far East. We are very pleased to be working Acro to help them put across their message to industry.' stated Richard Blackburn, Managing Director of Energi.

Energi will be providing Acro with a range of sales and marketing services, including web design, press relations, lead generation programs and advertising.

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Architectural Engineering to Benefit from Olympic Bid
Precision engineering company, Acro Precision Technology, are excited to hear that the UK has won its bid to host the next Olympic games. It's not just because they are keen sports fans, but also because they expect the building of the new stadium to provide an important boost to the UK engineering sector.

In the past Acro have undertaken the machining of precision stainless steel components for architectural projects. Their components have contributed to such projects as the Jubilee Underground Station, the Royal Albert Hall and even major high street retail outlets. Most often, Acro components are used in combination with plate glass or as part of specially designed light fittings.

'Architects like stainless steel because it's maintenance free and is aesthetically pleasing. We are finding that it is increasingly being used for projects such as public buildings and shopping malls,' said Fred Pain, General Manager at Acro.

'We've always been well positioned to undertake this work because we can handle both small and very large volumes, this variance in batch sizes seems to be a part of the challenge of supplying architect driven projects'.

Acro are hoping that as architects set to work on the new stadium, work will start to flow out to specialist engineering companies such as themselves. Equipped with the latest 24 hour unmanned machines and a team of highly experienced engineers, Acro feel confident that they have the technology to compete with the best in Europe, in terms of both price and quality.

'We've done a lot to put ourselves on a footing with the rest of the world over the past two years,' said Fred.' We now have the latest technology in machine tools, expert and committed engineers and a great track record, so we feel well positioned to win some of this business'.

Acro Contributes to A Safer World

Precision Engineering firm, Acro Precision Technology, has recently undertaken one their strangest projects to date. The project was to machine precision cartridge cases for robots that are used to intentionally detonate land mines. These robots are used around the world, making war torn areas safe for peacetime habitation.

Acro have undertaken this work for Richmond Engineering, who provide the firing technology that damages and disrupts the landmines.

cnc turned parts

The robots are remotely controlled to move them close to potentially live landmines and then remotely instructed to fire the cartridges at the landmines in order to destroy them. Around the world, this type of technology is saving thousands of lives from death or injury.

"It's not very often that our work is so directly linked to saving lives, so we are very proud to be contributing to this type of technology," said Fred Pain of Acro. "Richmond Engineering called on us because they needed a responsive and experienced precision engineering subcontractor - we were very pleased to offer our services."

With a broad range of computer controlled machine tools and 24 hour unmanned machines, Acro consider themselves to be at the leading edge of machining technology. Their investment in this technology is enabling them to compete on the world market and has enabled them to double their turnover in the past two years.

Mr Downs, Engineering Manager at Richmond Engineering stated, "These robots work in the most hazardous and dangerous of environments, so they need to be very accurate and very reliable, every component is a critical design. We chose Acro because they have a reputation for providing very high quality precision engineering services and for being very responsive as a supplier. Its good to know that the UK can still provide this quality of engineering."

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